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  • Health and Safety Consultancy

    Adopting robust food hygiene and safety management systems is not only a legal obligation, but also makes good business sense. Reducing the risk of negative publicity, arising from a food poisoning outbreak or major incident, is critical for the safety in food catering establishments.More Info

  • Accident Management

    Our expertise in how to prevent accidents happening, gives us the professional ability to analyse accidents across many industries and sectors. We work with both the governing bodies as well as our clients to establish the route cause to the issues and a long term solution to prevent and minimise further incidence.More Info

  • EHO Inspections

    Environmental Health Officers and Food Inspectors have the right to enter and inspect food premises at all reasonable hours. They do not have to make an appointment and they will usually come without advance notice. Don’t panic – hands partnership can help!More Info

  • Environmental Management

    Whether you need assistance in establishing environmental management policies and procedures, developing environmental awareness within your business or monitoring compliance with existing systems hands partnership can help.More Info

  • Health and Safety Audits

    Our independent, confidential audits or inspections can help identify conformance to legal standards, good practice and internal policies.More Info

  • Health and Safety Training

    Hands Partnership is a leading UK provider of Health & Safety training courses. We have been providing top quality training courses which meet legal requirements for over 20 years.More Info

  • Corporate Governance

    Good safety management systems start with top-level senior management commitment. They also need to be based on a sound understanding of the legal and corporate governance background.More Info

  • Risk Assessments

    Risk assessments are a legal requirement for all food businesses. A risk assessment is based on food safety practices, and is intended to prevent problems that may occur with the food you sell and ensure safety for your customers.More Info