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hands partnership offer a wide range of health and safety, food safety and environmental audit services. Our audits are tailored to the scope and scale of your business operation, and our focus is to help you achieve and maintain legal best practice compliance.

Our highly qualified team of environmental health and safety practitioners are skilled in performing independent safety audits, which are completed using online latest compliance technology.

Whether it is a single or a multiple site operation, you can tap into powerful resources to help you manage your safety.

By auditing your business, we can:

    • Provide a fresh, impartial perspective on your safety management systems
    • Lead to an improved working environment
    • Reduce risk of liabilities
    • Minimise chance of accidents, injuries and food related incidents
    • Enhance employee involvement and understanding of safety at work
    • Increase employee awareness of safety issues


Contact us today to see how we can help you reduce risk and create a safer environment.